What's New With Bleu?

Fall 2018

There are a few residencies all playwrights would love to have the opportunity to experience and Space on Ryder Farm happens to be one of those residencies. I have the privilege this fall to spend a week at the Farm for their Creative Residency offered through Page73. There I will write the first draft of my second commissioned play for EST 2019 One-Act Marathon.

I am a new member of the New Georges Jam-Playwright-Director lab. An all female group focused on creating new and strange things while keeping the artist central to the process.

I am also excited to finally share— I am one of the 2018-2019 Fellows at The Playwrights Realm! Where I will be developing my play Lyons Pride.

Stay tune for more updates this year will be full of exciting developments!

Guess who is finally on New Play Exchange? Me! Yes, you can look me up and get a chance to read my plays. Keep an eye out for my latest full length La Race I will be making it available to read soon.