Bleu Beckford Burrell is a New York City native, Jamaican-American Playwright/Actor holding an Acting from Rutgers University.

She attended Stony Brook University where she received a B.A in Psychology the foundation which helped foster her first passion, Acting. 

Bleu doesn't consider herself  just a writer or an actor but an 'Artist' she is all things as every experience leads to creativity. 

Some of her plays include: Lyons Pride, P.S. 365, Broken Record, Forecon, Tomorrow Tomorrow Yesterday Tomorrow, Masques. She also works with a non-profit where she, directs and write for middle-school aged students to teach acting. 

Her work is driven from her background, experiences, and observations of life. She'd like her work to be a vehicle to shed light and start conversations about the modern day Black/African-American experience in America. 

She continues her journey following her own mantra: Surround me, embrace me, fill me up with light!



Bleu Beckford Burrell