How did Bleu spend her summer?

Summer 2018

Have you heard of Alfred, NY?  Well you'll find me on retreat with fellow EST Youngblood members at the famously known school for hauntings or is it ceramics? There, I will be writing my new One-Act Play commissioned by EST for the 2019 One-Act Play festival. 

Will you be in San Francisco this summer?  I certainly will and it's my first time! I'm excited to be invited to the BAPF Industry Week to hear new plays and meet some movers and shakers in the industry. Here's a link to my honorable mention as a BAPF 2018 Finalist.  

Guess who is finally on New Play Exchange? Me! Yes, you can look me up and get a chance to read my plays. Keep an eye out for my latest full length La Race I will be making it available to read soon.